This page is to tell the tale of a Orc in Skyrim and his adventures. Skyrim is a amazing and vast game and with so many features, quests, experiences to choose from I am hoping people will enjoy to read about someones tale.

Please share and comment. If I make a mistake in the Lore/Spelling/Grammar etc, leave a comment so I know! Suggestions as well. I also tend to re-read my posts A LOT. So as time progresses I’ll most likely make changes and fixes to the entries.

I was a huge fan back in the day of “Livin’ in Oblivion” and when I originally started this page he seemed to have abanoned the site but it looks like he returned! So check him out at: http://livinginoblivion.wordpress.com/. The map that I post occiasionly with updates is to give the reader a sense of location and the impact of the situations that Ghorbash found himself in the post. So if he gets hurt, there will be blood on the map, if it rains I plan on adding little wet spots. Fights add blood/dirt, etc etc. (I know I’m not a amazing photoshop artist or anything but I try my best.) As time progesses things will be added/removed to the map.

For a better view of screenshots and/or the map. Please right click on it and view image. (At least on Firefox, not sure about IE or any other browser). Please note that the brightness is a little low in the game on purpose because my monitor’s brightness is a little higher than average, some screenshots may appear really dark or bright depending on how your monitor is setup.

The rules I follow:

1. Eating and Sleeping regularly.
2. No fast travel.
3. Making decisions as if the entire game was a real life situation.
4. No form of cheating.
5. Death is Permanent.
6. Risk assessment. (Ghorbash is an Orc, not a Coward, but if a situation seems extremely dangerous and the likelyhood of death is very prominent, Ghorbash will most likely forget about that quest.)
7. Treating diseases, wounds, as if they where real.


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