The Dark brotherhood and Sven.

Morndas 24th of Last Seed

I found the man early in the morning walking near the local market stalls. After returning his sword and receiving my rewardI stopped by the blacksmith to smelt some iron I had found earlier in the cave. I had begun to really enjoy smithing and found my talent with it growing every time I forged a new weapon or piece of armor. I felt that it was time to pick up and leave Whiterun and head South.

While on the road I was attacked, which in itself is not usual in these harsh times but what was surprising that upon searching the body of the attacker I found a note claiming the dark brotherhood has been sent after me! The Dark brotherhood… who would possibly want to kill me? The old man I left in the cave?… I have done nothing but help people…

An hour or so after the encounter with the would-be assassin I came across a little village called “Riverwood” I stopped in the inn and asked around but no one seemed to know anything about the brotherhood. A young man did ask for help on his Courtship and after delivering a note to the one he loved, we sat down at the inn and discussed my situation… he offered to come along with me! I happily accepted, knowing that I will indeed need someone to watch my back. And it couldn’t hurt to have someone to talk to on the road…

After filling up on mead and mammoth soup, Me and my companion left Riverwood and ended up in Falkreath, I stopped by the local blacksmith and borrowed his smith and managed to forge my new companion a set of leather armor, he thanked me and made the remark “If Camilla could see me now…”

The inn owner at Falkreath heard a rumor about a boy in Windhelm trying to contact the Darkbrother hood! This could be the opportunity to strike back at them! It could be a dangerous gamble and waste of time but I need to figure out a solution to these assassins looming over head.

The day still had not ended so me and Sven left the town of Falkreath behind and headed toward Windhelm. I had to do a bit of backtracking, and eventually passed Whiterun once more and the sun had eventually disappeared behind Skyrim’s great mountains. It was getting extremely late, our armor felt heavy and our arms weak. We decided to enter a nearby cave with hope that we could find some beds, and if ended up fighting some bandits… Well then, Skyrim would be better for it. We searched the cave but found no one.

There happened to be a few clean beds and a fire with some food. After taking our fill we decided to sleep in shifts. That way one stood watch and one slept. Just encase the previous inhabitants returned…

Tirdas 25th of the Last Seed.

Before we decided to head out I took another look at the map, if I continued along this road I would end up adding at least another 2-3 days on the trip, but if we went off the road and cut across a plain then we could be there within a day or two!

As we traveled through the brush We happened upon a little farm where a old nord couple seemed to be bickering, after I approached the Husband he explained to me that a man named “Cicero” had damaged his wagon and was asking for help, and wanted me to report him to the guard! Well I refused outright, not wanting to condemn a innocent man and persuaded the farmer to help the poor fellow. Cicero was thankful and mentioned that he was here to move his mother to a new crypt.

Back on the road, We went on and it got colder, and the bright lush green grass turned to sparkling white snow and the sun was setting and so it was time to find shelter once more, luckily Sven spotted a outline of what looked like to be ruins, so we headed off the road and toward it.

Two bandits sat at the entrance and attacked us on sigh, Sven and I made short work of them but upon entering the ruins we discovered their “comrades” dead… and the all to familiar sound of Dragur roaming the halls beyond the gate. We decided to move the bodies on the other side and barricade the door. Once more we would sleep in shifts… although neither of us really could sleep with the moans of the dead just beyond a wooden door.

Middas 26th of the Last Seed

With less than three hours of sleep under our belts we left the moaning of the ancient dead Nords behind us. It was snowing and the wind blew hard enough to chill us right to the bone but we went on.

It was a bit past midday when encountered a group of wolves, we dispatched them easily enough but not before one managed to get a decent bite on my arm. A few hours later I could feel my joints stiffening up as if they where made of rock. “Once I reach Windhelm, I’ll take care of it.” I told myself and went on.

Night was upon us when we finally passed through the gates of Windhelm. First, sleep and then find the boy. Sven and I sat down at the local inn for a some food and drink, we spoke to the Inn keeper but she didn’t seem to have any idea where this “Aventus” was located at, we asked for a couple of rooms for the night and slept.

After some searching around the next morning, I overheard a dark elf speaking to a boy about Aventus, what amazing luck!

After they left I simply opened the door with a little… Orc “talent” and entered the home. What I found was disturbing…. a young boy, who I assume to be Aventus… begging the “Nightmother” for help, while sitting over a skeleton and flesh… I approached him and he instantly assumed that I was with the Dark brotherhood… He asked me to kill a “EVIL” lady who runs an orphanage in Riften… If I do this then I may be able to find them some how… and if I’m ridding skyrim of yet another evil person then… wont I be doing the right thing? The only option I have at this point is to head to Riften and at least see if she is truly an “Evil” person.


About LivinginSkyrim

I am an Orc, from Cyrodiil. Raised in an orphanage I decided to leave my home to travel Skyrim!
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