A Sword, A trail of bodies.

Loredas 22nd of Last Seed.

Of course after offering up some coin the guard was kind enough to let me in, what kind of guard extorts visitors anyway? And who makes up fairy tales about DRAGONS?

Whiterun was almost like a whole other world compared to Solitude, I could hear a hammer smash against hot steel and people talking in the square up ahead. First things first though, I decided to speak with the local black smith to see if they could do anything with my pelts from the wolves I killed on the way here, and maybe ask them to make some jewelry out of the gems I had picked up from bandits.

The lady running the blacksmith, didn’t exactly offer to make the items but offered to give me some lessons on how to make them myself! After crafting a helmet and a dagger I discovered that I had a peculiar talent in with the hammer. So I decided to refit the armor I had picked up from the chief bandit to make it more fitting and forged of gauntlets for myself which in turn I reinforced and sharpened my blade.

After selling of some of the items I had picked up on my journey, I spoke to a lady who runs a local produce stall, she explained she was having problems with a local bard, I figured I might convince him to leave her alone but… he reacted a little blindly so I had to… hit him a few times. After taking care of him and informing the lady of his “decision” I went back to the inn and sat down, the owner offered me some fresh stew and a cup of mead, which I happily accepted.

She then informed that some men from the Jarl came by and left a bounty notice. My septim pouch feeling a little light, I took a look.

In the morning I decided I would head out to “Redorans Retreat”.

Sundas 23rd of Last Seed.

The sun was barely peaking over Skyrims peaks as I left the city behind headed toward the bandit hideout. I didn’t expect much of a fight from them, after all I cleared out an entire camp, stopped necromancers from raising some dead wolf lady thing in just plain clothing!

On my way to the camp I encountered what seemed to be… giant bears! They didn’t attack me on site and I am thankful to Malacath for that.

Most of the bandits in the cave did not put up much of a fight, but the leader… he wielded a gigantic sword and when he slammed it against my shield I lost my footing and fell. Just as he swung the sword to behead me I was able to get my shield up just in time and once it hit, I shifted my stance and his momentum took over and fell right upon my blade.

After examining the cave and bodies I discovered a chest full of items, a staff and a shield that seemed to glow… I have heard of this before and unless I am mistaken it appears to be enchanted! What luck, now if only I knew what the enchantment was…

I arrived back I in solitude shortly after, rain was falling and thunder clashed overhead. I stopped by the blacksmith to pawn off some of the items I had looted from the dead bandits and she mentioned that she needed a sword delivered to her father up in the Jarls place, seeing as how it was on the way anyway, I offered to delivery it for her..

On my way up to the castle a guard spoke to me, claiming to be an adventurer like me until “he took an arrow to the knee.” As I climbed the stairs to the Jarls place, I couldn’t help but ponder the fact that he wasn’t limping.

I took my reward and delivered the sword to the Stewart, who in turn gave me some septims for my work.

But before I left I spoke to the court mage about enchanting, he gave me a basic run down on how to do it and I also offered up some of the staff I had found in the cave and took my leave. On my way out, I heard a guard mention something about “stormcloaks”, I wonder what those are?

I encountered a couple arguing near the city square, from what I over heard the husband wants to go to a cave to rescue some weapon from bandits, the wife didn’t want him to go. I still had the journal of the married couple who died by the bandits and in order to prevent a similar tragedy I spoke to the husband and offered to retrieve his families blade.

As I entered the cave I noticed a man sitting in the chair, he called out as soon as I got within earshot asking “Who is there, is that you Rodulf?” he appeared to have no vision, I did not want to cut down a defenseless man so I answered him with a Yes and moved on to slay the bandits.

The cave lead to a peak, the leader was up there he had a mighty warhammer which he wielded with both of his hands, however this time I was ready, I met his weapon with my shield which caused him to stumble, I took advantage of this and plunged my sword into his neck and he fell limp onto the cold snow. I found the chest with the mans sword I had been looking for and pair of gloves which appeared to be enchanted as well. After trying them on I discovered that I could wield my sword more effectively. With the mans sword swung over my shoulder and the bandits dead at my feet, I began my trip back to Whiterun.

By the time I had returned to whiterun the city was dead and the stalls had closed up for the night. I decided to head back to the inn and return the sword to its rightful owner the next morning.


About LivinginSkyrim

I am an Orc, from Cyrodiil. Raised in an orphanage I decided to leave my home to travel Skyrim!
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