Blood of the innocent.

Loredas 22nd of Last Seed.

None of the shops had opened when I left the city, I figure that the earlier I get up the longer I can keep going, hopefully I will find a place to sleep before the days end.

I really should’ve bought a nice pair of shoes or something because my feet are killing me!

As I walked along the road I noticed a wagon up ahead, and at the bottom of it lay two corpses. They looked like just simple farmers and upon searching of the dead women I discovered a Journal which describe the couple as twenty years married and on the way to deliver some goods for the Imperials. She apparently tried to convince her husband to stay home but failed. With a heavy heart I pushed on and came upon a bandit camp, wanting to prevent what had happened to the couple I made the choice to clear this camp out.

The bandits put up a fight but in the end where no match for me, with their leader dead at my feet I noticed that he was almost the same stature as me, with a bit of squeezing I was able to fit on his armor, it was cumbersome but I felt right and at least now I wasn’t walking around in those ridiculous clothes.

Along the raod I noticed a path leading up to a house, so I strayed a little bit and walked up to it, unfortunately it was infested with skeevers and after investigating the interior of the home I discovered the owner (At least I think it was the owner.) dead in his bed.

Not long after the encounter with the death by skeevers fellow, I happened onto a little town by the name of “Rorikstead” according to my map anyway, perfect timing too as water fell from the dark sky and my stomach had begun growling for some lunch.

Fuller and warmer with a belly full of mead and bread I decided to take my leave. It was still raining but I’m an orc right? I can take a little bit of rain!

A little bit outside of “Rorikstead”, I noticed two men talking with a redguard women, they seemed very push and she was on edge, I decided to approach them to make sure she was alright, apparently they are looking for a redguard women and they accidentally chose this one. I’m not sure if their fear of me kept them from snatching her up but I’m glad they didn’t make a move, I have never seen warriors that looked like them, they had CURVED swords!

I’ve encountered a killed a lot of bandits on this trip so far, I have blood splattered on my clothes and my sword has not only cut the flesh of the desperate criminals but also my own kind, I wonder what happened to all the Imperial patrols that used to keep these roads safe…

With my pockets full of gems and septims from bandits I approached the city gates of “Whiterun” happy to take a load off, but the guard informed me that the gates are closed until further notice because of “Dragons” Surely he can’t be serious! Dragons are nothing but urban legends. This guard must be working an angle.


About LivinginSkyrim

I am an Orc, from Cyrodiil. Raised in an orphanage I decided to leave my home to travel Skyrim!
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