The Journal of Ghorbash

I’ve decided to leave Cyrodiil for Skyrim, I’m not sure what awaits me that far north but it cant be much worse than this place. I have spent almost all of my septims to get a position on a boat headed north. I only have enough room to bring my current clothes, the bear belt to keep myself warm given to me by Narina the caretaker at the Orphanage and on a side note I decided once I arrive I will start REALLY writing in this Journal to keep a record of my adventures in Skyrim!

Morndas, 17th of Last Seed.

I have finally arrived, I am standing on the docks of Solitude and can feel the cold winds of the north on my skin. First things first, I will have to find a way to earn more septims so I can get myself some proper clothing and a weapon.

As I passed through the gates of Solitude, I noticed a large crowd gathered around a stage, from what I over heard, a fellow named Roggvir has been put on trial for letting some murderer named “Ulfric” escape through the city gates. Not too interested I decided to explore the rest of the city.

I approached a little stand ran by a nord named “Evette” she asked if I could run down to the docks and speak with “Vittoria” who is holding her shipment. In need of septims, I could hardly say no. So back to the docks I went.

Vittoria took a little persuading but she eventually came around and when I informed Evette of the good news she happily handed me some of her special “Spiced Wine”… Really. I helped you get your shipment back and you give me a couple of wine bottles? How kind of you. Guess I can try to sell it to the local inn owner.

The inn owner didn’t offer exactly a lot of money for the wine but it was enough to get by, grateful that I have a warm bed to lay in as I fell asleep.

Tirdas 18th of Last Seed.

I woke up before the sun decided to peer over the peaks of Skyrim. I have decided to socialize today in search of someone who needs help with a job so I can earn enough septims to buy some equipment. Throughout the morning I walked around, talking to the occasional passerby, but none of them are looking for help. I did manage to find a few plants around the city and decided to harvest them and try to sell them off to the local alchemy shop.

Although the lady was kind, she could not offer me much for the plants I had picked. So I decided to leave the safety of Solitude and brave the wilderness. I walked along the path for quiet a while, and ended up lost.

During my journey I encountered two wolves which I beat to death with a nearby rock and also managed to catch a rabbit. I picked a few more plants and found a sign along a path pointing me to the direction of Solitude. I passed some caves on my way back but without the proper equipment I don’t dare enter them. With two wolf pelts and some plants I entered the city and bargained them off for a around 50 septims. This would provide me with a meal and another night at the inn.

As I sat in the inn eating my hard earned bread, a man named Sorex sat next to me and we struck up a conversation about Solitude, during the conversation he mentioned he had forgotten to make a delivery to the blue palace and I offered to help out. With some septims still left I decided if I where to enter a palace I would need to find some good clothing so I went to the local clothing shop. The owners where lucky I did not have a weapon, they repeated insulted the way I dressed, but in the end offered me a free noble outfit in exchange for promoting their shop to the Jarl.

Both of the quests where successful the jarl liked the outfit and Falk received his delivery in turn he gave me 250 septims!!! and Taair once informed about the Jarl planning on ordering outfits from her shop gave me another 250 septims! Falk mentioned something about a nearby cave needing to be cleared out. Maybe if I have enough septims I can go buy some gear and try it out in that cave!

I was able to buy a sharp steel sword and a solid shield made out of steel. After a good nights rest I will make my journey to that cave and try this new gear out.

Middas 19th of Last Seed.

I have wrapped some food in my bear pelt and I shall begin my journey to wolfskull cave. If this is my last entry may Malacath welcome me.

Turrdas 20th of Last Seed.

I survived, although not without the necromancers trying to summon some ancient wolf-lady/thing named “Potema” it was a rough quest but I got the job done and I feel as if I have learned and become stronger. The stewart at the blue palace gave me a generous reward.

Fredas 21st of Last seed.

I have been here for about four days, and I feel that it is time to leave Solitude, I wont know where I’m going until I get there. I’ll stop by the local general goods store and pick up one before I go to sleep for the last time in this city.


About LivinginSkyrim

I am an Orc, from Cyrodiil. Raised in an orphanage I decided to leave my home to travel Skyrim!
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