The Dark brotherhood and Sven.

Morndas 24th of Last Seed

I found the man early in the morning walking near the local market stalls. After returning his sword and receiving my rewardI stopped by the blacksmith to smelt some iron I had found earlier in the cave. I had begun to really enjoy smithing and found my talent with it growing every time I forged a new weapon or piece of armor. I felt that it was time to pick up and leave Whiterun and head South.

While on the road I was attacked, which in itself is not usual in these harsh times but what was surprising that upon searching the body of the attacker I found a note claiming the dark brotherhood has been sent after me! The Dark brotherhood… who would possibly want to kill me? The old man I left in the cave?… I have done nothing but help people…

An hour or so after the encounter with the would-be assassin I came across a little village called “Riverwood” I stopped in the inn and asked around but no one seemed to know anything about the brotherhood. A young man did ask for help on his Courtship and after delivering a note to the one he loved, we sat down at the inn and discussed my situation… he offered to come along with me! I happily accepted, knowing that I will indeed need someone to watch my back. And it couldn’t hurt to have someone to talk to on the road…

After filling up on mead and mammoth soup, Me and my companion left Riverwood and ended up in Falkreath, I stopped by the local blacksmith and borrowed his smith and managed to forge my new companion a set of leather armor, he thanked me and made the remark “If Camilla could see me now…”

The inn owner at Falkreath heard a rumor about a boy in Windhelm trying to contact the Darkbrother hood! This could be the opportunity to strike back at them! It could be a dangerous gamble and waste of time but I need to figure out a solution to these assassins looming over head.

The day still had not ended so me and Sven left the town of Falkreath behind and headed toward Windhelm. I had to do a bit of backtracking, and eventually passed Whiterun once more and the sun had eventually disappeared behind Skyrim’s great mountains. It was getting extremely late, our armor felt heavy and our arms weak. We decided to enter a nearby cave with hope that we could find some beds, and if ended up fighting some bandits… Well then, Skyrim would be better for it. We searched the cave but found no one.

There happened to be a few clean beds and a fire with some food. After taking our fill we decided to sleep in shifts. That way one stood watch and one slept. Just encase the previous inhabitants returned…

Tirdas 25th of the Last Seed.

Before we decided to head out I took another look at the map, if I continued along this road I would end up adding at least another 2-3 days on the trip, but if we went off the road and cut across a plain then we could be there within a day or two!

As we traveled through the brush We happened upon a little farm where a old nord couple seemed to be bickering, after I approached the Husband he explained to me that a man named “Cicero” had damaged his wagon and was asking for help, and wanted me to report him to the guard! Well I refused outright, not wanting to condemn a innocent man and persuaded the farmer to help the poor fellow. Cicero was thankful and mentioned that he was here to move his mother to a new crypt.

Back on the road, We went on and it got colder, and the bright lush green grass turned to sparkling white snow and the sun was setting and so it was time to find shelter once more, luckily Sven spotted a outline of what looked like to be ruins, so we headed off the road and toward it.

Two bandits sat at the entrance and attacked us on sigh, Sven and I made short work of them but upon entering the ruins we discovered their “comrades” dead… and the all to familiar sound of Dragur roaming the halls beyond the gate. We decided to move the bodies on the other side and barricade the door. Once more we would sleep in shifts… although neither of us really could sleep with the moans of the dead just beyond a wooden door.

Middas 26th of the Last Seed

With less than three hours of sleep under our belts we left the moaning of the ancient dead Nords behind us. It was snowing and the wind blew hard enough to chill us right to the bone but we went on.

It was a bit past midday when encountered a group of wolves, we dispatched them easily enough but not before one managed to get a decent bite on my arm. A few hours later I could feel my joints stiffening up as if they where made of rock. “Once I reach Windhelm, I’ll take care of it.” I told myself and went on.

Night was upon us when we finally passed through the gates of Windhelm. First, sleep and then find the boy. Sven and I sat down at the local inn for a some food and drink, we spoke to the Inn keeper but she didn’t seem to have any idea where this “Aventus” was located at, we asked for a couple of rooms for the night and slept.

After some searching around the next morning, I overheard a dark elf speaking to a boy about Aventus, what amazing luck!

After they left I simply opened the door with a little… Orc “talent” and entered the home. What I found was disturbing…. a young boy, who I assume to be Aventus… begging the “Nightmother” for help, while sitting over a skeleton and flesh… I approached him and he instantly assumed that I was with the Dark brotherhood… He asked me to kill a “EVIL” lady who runs an orphanage in Riften… If I do this then I may be able to find them some how… and if I’m ridding skyrim of yet another evil person then… wont I be doing the right thing? The only option I have at this point is to head to Riften and at least see if she is truly an “Evil” person.

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A Sword, A trail of bodies.

Loredas 22nd of Last Seed.

Of course after offering up some coin the guard was kind enough to let me in, what kind of guard extorts visitors anyway? And who makes up fairy tales about DRAGONS?

Whiterun was almost like a whole other world compared to Solitude, I could hear a hammer smash against hot steel and people talking in the square up ahead. First things first though, I decided to speak with the local black smith to see if they could do anything with my pelts from the wolves I killed on the way here, and maybe ask them to make some jewelry out of the gems I had picked up from bandits.

The lady running the blacksmith, didn’t exactly offer to make the items but offered to give me some lessons on how to make them myself! After crafting a helmet and a dagger I discovered that I had a peculiar talent in with the hammer. So I decided to refit the armor I had picked up from the chief bandit to make it more fitting and forged of gauntlets for myself which in turn I reinforced and sharpened my blade.

After selling of some of the items I had picked up on my journey, I spoke to a lady who runs a local produce stall, she explained she was having problems with a local bard, I figured I might convince him to leave her alone but… he reacted a little blindly so I had to… hit him a few times. After taking care of him and informing the lady of his “decision” I went back to the inn and sat down, the owner offered me some fresh stew and a cup of mead, which I happily accepted.

She then informed that some men from the Jarl came by and left a bounty notice. My septim pouch feeling a little light, I took a look.

In the morning I decided I would head out to “Redorans Retreat”.

Sundas 23rd of Last Seed.

The sun was barely peaking over Skyrims peaks as I left the city behind headed toward the bandit hideout. I didn’t expect much of a fight from them, after all I cleared out an entire camp, stopped necromancers from raising some dead wolf lady thing in just plain clothing!

On my way to the camp I encountered what seemed to be… giant bears! They didn’t attack me on site and I am thankful to Malacath for that.

Most of the bandits in the cave did not put up much of a fight, but the leader… he wielded a gigantic sword and when he slammed it against my shield I lost my footing and fell. Just as he swung the sword to behead me I was able to get my shield up just in time and once it hit, I shifted my stance and his momentum took over and fell right upon my blade.

After examining the cave and bodies I discovered a chest full of items, a staff and a shield that seemed to glow… I have heard of this before and unless I am mistaken it appears to be enchanted! What luck, now if only I knew what the enchantment was…

I arrived back I in solitude shortly after, rain was falling and thunder clashed overhead. I stopped by the blacksmith to pawn off some of the items I had looted from the dead bandits and she mentioned that she needed a sword delivered to her father up in the Jarls place, seeing as how it was on the way anyway, I offered to delivery it for her..

On my way up to the castle a guard spoke to me, claiming to be an adventurer like me until “he took an arrow to the knee.” As I climbed the stairs to the Jarls place, I couldn’t help but ponder the fact that he wasn’t limping.

I took my reward and delivered the sword to the Stewart, who in turn gave me some septims for my work.

But before I left I spoke to the court mage about enchanting, he gave me a basic run down on how to do it and I also offered up some of the staff I had found in the cave and took my leave. On my way out, I heard a guard mention something about “stormcloaks”, I wonder what those are?

I encountered a couple arguing near the city square, from what I over heard the husband wants to go to a cave to rescue some weapon from bandits, the wife didn’t want him to go. I still had the journal of the married couple who died by the bandits and in order to prevent a similar tragedy I spoke to the husband and offered to retrieve his families blade.

As I entered the cave I noticed a man sitting in the chair, he called out as soon as I got within earshot asking “Who is there, is that you Rodulf?” he appeared to have no vision, I did not want to cut down a defenseless man so I answered him with a Yes and moved on to slay the bandits.

The cave lead to a peak, the leader was up there he had a mighty warhammer which he wielded with both of his hands, however this time I was ready, I met his weapon with my shield which caused him to stumble, I took advantage of this and plunged my sword into his neck and he fell limp onto the cold snow. I found the chest with the mans sword I had been looking for and pair of gloves which appeared to be enchanted as well. After trying them on I discovered that I could wield my sword more effectively. With the mans sword swung over my shoulder and the bandits dead at my feet, I began my trip back to Whiterun.

By the time I had returned to whiterun the city was dead and the stalls had closed up for the night. I decided to head back to the inn and return the sword to its rightful owner the next morning.

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Blood of the innocent.

Loredas 22nd of Last Seed.

None of the shops had opened when I left the city, I figure that the earlier I get up the longer I can keep going, hopefully I will find a place to sleep before the days end.

I really should’ve bought a nice pair of shoes or something because my feet are killing me!

As I walked along the road I noticed a wagon up ahead, and at the bottom of it lay two corpses. They looked like just simple farmers and upon searching of the dead women I discovered a Journal which describe the couple as twenty years married and on the way to deliver some goods for the Imperials. She apparently tried to convince her husband to stay home but failed. With a heavy heart I pushed on and came upon a bandit camp, wanting to prevent what had happened to the couple I made the choice to clear this camp out.

The bandits put up a fight but in the end where no match for me, with their leader dead at my feet I noticed that he was almost the same stature as me, with a bit of squeezing I was able to fit on his armor, it was cumbersome but I felt right and at least now I wasn’t walking around in those ridiculous clothes.

Along the raod I noticed a path leading up to a house, so I strayed a little bit and walked up to it, unfortunately it was infested with skeevers and after investigating the interior of the home I discovered the owner (At least I think it was the owner.) dead in his bed.

Not long after the encounter with the death by skeevers fellow, I happened onto a little town by the name of “Rorikstead” according to my map anyway, perfect timing too as water fell from the dark sky and my stomach had begun growling for some lunch.

Fuller and warmer with a belly full of mead and bread I decided to take my leave. It was still raining but I’m an orc right? I can take a little bit of rain!

A little bit outside of “Rorikstead”, I noticed two men talking with a redguard women, they seemed very push and she was on edge, I decided to approach them to make sure she was alright, apparently they are looking for a redguard women and they accidentally chose this one. I’m not sure if their fear of me kept them from snatching her up but I’m glad they didn’t make a move, I have never seen warriors that looked like them, they had CURVED swords!

I’ve encountered a killed a lot of bandits on this trip so far, I have blood splattered on my clothes and my sword has not only cut the flesh of the desperate criminals but also my own kind, I wonder what happened to all the Imperial patrols that used to keep these roads safe…

With my pockets full of gems and septims from bandits I approached the city gates of “Whiterun” happy to take a load off, but the guard informed me that the gates are closed until further notice because of “Dragons” Surely he can’t be serious! Dragons are nothing but urban legends. This guard must be working an angle.

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The Journal of Ghorbash

I’ve decided to leave Cyrodiil for Skyrim, I’m not sure what awaits me that far north but it cant be much worse than this place. I have spent almost all of my septims to get a position on a boat headed north. I only have enough room to bring my current clothes, the bear belt to keep myself warm given to me by Narina the caretaker at the Orphanage and on a side note I decided once I arrive I will start REALLY writing in this Journal to keep a record of my adventures in Skyrim!

Morndas, 17th of Last Seed.

I have finally arrived, I am standing on the docks of Solitude and can feel the cold winds of the north on my skin. First things first, I will have to find a way to earn more septims so I can get myself some proper clothing and a weapon.

As I passed through the gates of Solitude, I noticed a large crowd gathered around a stage, from what I over heard, a fellow named Roggvir has been put on trial for letting some murderer named “Ulfric” escape through the city gates. Not too interested I decided to explore the rest of the city.

I approached a little stand ran by a nord named “Evette” she asked if I could run down to the docks and speak with “Vittoria” who is holding her shipment. In need of septims, I could hardly say no. So back to the docks I went.

Vittoria took a little persuading but she eventually came around and when I informed Evette of the good news she happily handed me some of her special “Spiced Wine”… Really. I helped you get your shipment back and you give me a couple of wine bottles? How kind of you. Guess I can try to sell it to the local inn owner.

The inn owner didn’t offer exactly a lot of money for the wine but it was enough to get by, grateful that I have a warm bed to lay in as I fell asleep.

Tirdas 18th of Last Seed.

I woke up before the sun decided to peer over the peaks of Skyrim. I have decided to socialize today in search of someone who needs help with a job so I can earn enough septims to buy some equipment. Throughout the morning I walked around, talking to the occasional passerby, but none of them are looking for help. I did manage to find a few plants around the city and decided to harvest them and try to sell them off to the local alchemy shop.

Although the lady was kind, she could not offer me much for the plants I had picked. So I decided to leave the safety of Solitude and brave the wilderness. I walked along the path for quiet a while, and ended up lost.

During my journey I encountered two wolves which I beat to death with a nearby rock and also managed to catch a rabbit. I picked a few more plants and found a sign along a path pointing me to the direction of Solitude. I passed some caves on my way back but without the proper equipment I don’t dare enter them. With two wolf pelts and some plants I entered the city and bargained them off for a around 50 septims. This would provide me with a meal and another night at the inn.

As I sat in the inn eating my hard earned bread, a man named Sorex sat next to me and we struck up a conversation about Solitude, during the conversation he mentioned he had forgotten to make a delivery to the blue palace and I offered to help out. With some septims still left I decided if I where to enter a palace I would need to find some good clothing so I went to the local clothing shop. The owners where lucky I did not have a weapon, they repeated insulted the way I dressed, but in the end offered me a free noble outfit in exchange for promoting their shop to the Jarl.

Both of the quests where successful the jarl liked the outfit and Falk received his delivery in turn he gave me 250 septims!!! and Taair once informed about the Jarl planning on ordering outfits from her shop gave me another 250 septims! Falk mentioned something about a nearby cave needing to be cleared out. Maybe if I have enough septims I can go buy some gear and try it out in that cave!

I was able to buy a sharp steel sword and a solid shield made out of steel. After a good nights rest I will make my journey to that cave and try this new gear out.

Middas 19th of Last Seed.

I have wrapped some food in my bear pelt and I shall begin my journey to wolfskull cave. If this is my last entry may Malacath welcome me.

Turrdas 20th of Last Seed.

I survived, although not without the necromancers trying to summon some ancient wolf-lady/thing named “Potema” it was a rough quest but I got the job done and I feel as if I have learned and become stronger. The stewart at the blue palace gave me a generous reward.

Fredas 21st of Last seed.

I have been here for about four days, and I feel that it is time to leave Solitude, I wont know where I’m going until I get there. I’ll stop by the local general goods store and pick up one before I go to sleep for the last time in this city.

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